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Great Things To Know About Playing Online Slot Games

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What could be simpler? Even so, there are a few things that slot players think they know about the games which they really don’t. There are also things they may not know which they really should.

In this article, we will debunk slot myths and legends, provide a few tips and tricks, and generally let you in on a host of great things that you should know about playing online casino games online. Let’s start with the most obvious slot issue, shall we?

There Is No Winning Strategy, So Forget It

You probably shouldn’t need telling this, but there are no such things as winning slot strategies – none. There has never been such a strategy, and there never will be. Slots cannot be counted like cards, and you cannot get a peek at how a game has been programmed. It just isn’t possible. Online casino games are designed to be random. They even operate on RNGs (random number generators) which should be the big giveaway.

If online slots could be rigged in any way, it certainly won’t be by you, no matter how skillful you might feel you are programming. All of this put together essentially means that you can give up on slot strategies for a start. It is a waste of time. If someone claims to have developed or stumbled across one, there are only two possible explanations; they are lying, or they’ve found a way to cheat. Awfully sorry to burst your bubble, but we need to be cruel to be kind. Now that this is out of the way let’s look at somewhat cheerier and more useful things.


It Is Possible to Use Betting Strategies

However, you can certainly use betting strategies to improve your chances of balancing your budget. Traditional strategies don’t seem to work with online slot bonuses. Ordinarily, betting systems such as the Martingale rely on even money payouts to be most effective, and even then, players will have to whether a storm during losses, increasing their bets to break even, essentially. What can you do then?

Many slots out there now have specific betting systems you can use when wagering. These will often be available via the betting button, or via the paytable. They can optimize your bets to match the type of variance and volatility you’re dealing with (more on that in a moment). If you want to use betting strategies to manage your balance carefully, find a slot which offers such a feature.

Forget About Magical Hours

You may have heard a rumour which has been circulated on the net. The logic (such as it is) is that there are fewer players spinning the reels of slots, so your odds of landing a win are increased. Unfortunately, it is not true, and here’s why…

Most slot machine games share their progressive jackpot prizes. They run on networks. While there may indeed be few people playing a jackpot slot at your casino, there could be truckloads of players giving it a whirl at another site. As all progressive Rainbow jackpots slots have networked and linked jackpots, one of those other players at a different site could pinch your prize instead. Moreover, just because it is “off-peak” in your time zone, it could be “rush-hour” in another. It is always rush-hour somewhere in the world, so the concept of off-peak hours, giving you a better chance to win doesn’t exist at major international online casinos.

Setting Up Your Bet with Max Coins

One little trinket you can take with you (and it appears to be true) is that slots tend to respond better when you play with more coins. You can keep the value of your coins at a minimum if your budget is stretched, but it does seem to be more advantageous to play with the maximum number of coins, even if they are worth very little.

Many online slot site increase prizes based on the number of coins you wager, not necessarily the value of those coins. This is particularly true when dealing with jackpot slots, which may require a maximum coin bet, but not necessarily a maximum stake. Our advice would be to try this approach. Take that with just a pinch of salt, but there does seem to be some merit in their claims.

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