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The history of online slot games UK

Everything which is famous today has a glorious past. Online slot machines also have a glorious past that is quite interesting to know. We all play them quite often, but only a few of us know about it’s legacy and journey. Slot machine was first invented in 18th century by a man named Charles Fey. He named his slot machine, Liberty Bell which had 3 spinning reels featuring images of playing cards. However, the game started evolving after that and in 19th century it reached offline casinos with variety of symbols including fruits, starts, diamonds, horseshoes, spades etc. In 1902, the unfortunate incident happened and slot machines were banned entirely in many states of America, but makers didn’t lose hope and kept on inventing different symbols and prizes.

The real advancement in slot machines came in late nineties. Although the game was reached at many offline parlours and casinos, still a lot had to happen in it’s advancement. By 1980s, the electric machines powered by electric micro processors arrived at many casinos that enhanced the gaming convenience and experience.  The machine literally enabled players to place bigger bets in order to get bigger payouts. And with the arrival of the Random Number Generator, the game got more popular and efficient for players as well as operators. It was a computer which also leaded to the invention of Progressive Jackpot Slot Machine which literally helped operators to connect multiple slot machines electronically.

However, the biggest advancement in the history of slot machines is online version. Yea! Online slot machines literally replaced offline casino parlours and spread the game all across the world. Within a few seconds, one can start playing his favorite slot machine anywhere and at anytime. In 1990s, the online slot machines took off it’s debut journey and now keep on expanding it’s wings. Online version is now much faster, better and more versatile in nature. With the latest technology, graphics and softwares, the online slot machines offer high level of entertainment, user-friendly experience and seamless online gaming experience to players. Unlike offline casinos, here players have so much to discover right from multiple games to multiple promotions. And one doesn’t need to make effort to join online casino.

In the recent past, mobile slot casinos have further enhanced the convenience and entertainment level to manifolds. One can now easily get started right on the smart phones by downloading the application. Mobile casinos have entirely changed the user experience of players by allowing them to play with oodles of comfort. Right now, there are over thousands of mobile casinos on Play Store and iTunes that offer best slot experience to players’ right on their smart phones.

Thus, the slot machines started off with a machine then came to offline casinos, and from online to mobile casinos. Within a few decades a lot fruitful has already happened in the world’s one of the most played games. With more technological advancements and inventions, the game will soon see many more developments.

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